"If your dream only includes you, it's too small."
This quote from Ava Duvernay has been a guiding light in everything we believe and do. Heroine Films is a collective of incredibly talented and passionate collaborators. Meet a few:
Armando Geneyro is a photographer based out of Denver, CO. He was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Lompoc, a city on California’s central coast. At the age of 20, he joined the Air Force, serving for six years, including a six month tour in Balad, Iraq in 2005. After his time in the military, Armando attended Metro State University of Denver, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology.
He is a versatile photographer who specializes in events coverage and photojournalism. His passion, however, resides in his street-level photography where he is able to connect to his subjects and learn from different cultural perspectives.
During his time in Denver, Armando helped co-found Theyshootn, a collective of like-minded visual storytellers. As a group, Theyshootn has hosted several events and exhibits in the Denver area, bringing together photography and philanthropy to speak on a wide array of social justice issues.
Both Armando and Theyshootn have been featured by 9News, Denver 7, 303 Magazine, Westword, Denverite, Colorado Public Radio and Rocky Mountain PBS. His photography has also been featured in exhibits at Denver International Airport, History Colorado Center and the Denver Art Museum.
Currently, he works for Denver Public Schools’ Department of Social Work and Psychological Services, where he has been employed since 2015. He has also hosted multiple youth photography workshops and lectures within DPS, the Cherry Creek School District, Platte Forum and the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy.
Cheshire Li (they/them) is a queer and non-binary first-generation Chinese-American director, filmmaker, and photographer based in Denver, Colorado. They work as a freelance adventure filmmaker and photographer with experience as a high-angle operator, as well as experience shooting in high alpine environments, on backcountry tours and on mountain bikes. Their work spans commercial, narrative and documentary sets in camera, grip and electric departments. 

Well-traveled and always seeking the next adventure, Cheshire cultivates a deep curiosity for new experiences, a heart for community, and a passion for all the underlying stories that move and shake our world. As a child of immigrants, they bring a complex, inclusive, and compassionate perspective to their storytelling. They are deeply passionate about elevating underrepresented voices in the outdoors and working with other BIPOC and queer creatives behind the camera. The heart of their creative work aims to explore inclusive and intersectional ideas in film while holding the complexity and nuance of those liminal spaces.

Cheshire believes that filmmaking and storytelling are the most powerful ways we can rewrite the myths that inform our daily lives, and in turn, empower these beliefs to shape our world. They are always learning, listening, and exploring with their camera in an attempt to bear witness to the narratives unfolding around them. 

They are an active member of Brown Girls Doc Mafia and a founding member of the Emergent Media Collective, a Denver-based queer and trans film collective that aims to disrupt the extractive nature of film to move towards a more just and liberated future. 
Blake Jackson is multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Denver.  Beginning his career with iPhone photography, Blake’s journey has now led him to focusing on directing, creative direction and producing.  A proud father, activist and community leader, Blake’s work is highly influenced by his work within his community and obsession with cinema. 
Kim Greenwell is a filmmaker who grew up in Littleton, Colorado. At age 16, she took the brave step of transferring to Denver School of the Arts, voluntarily making herself the "new kid" just to begin pursuing an education in filmmaking. Around this time she also began attending summer filmmaking workshops instructed by Scott Kinnamon - a person who would eventually become one of her most important mentors and a dear friend. She would later work as a mentor in these workshops, and found it extremely fulfilling to pass her love of filmmaking down to younger generations.

Between 2014-2018 Kim earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television from the University of Colorado Denver. These years would contain numerous transformative experiences for her. She began working as a PA on various commercial sets, expanding her network of local filmmakers. During her junior year, she wrote an episodic screenplay that was awarded a $5,000 production grant by the college's faculty. Her senior thesis film, Strawberry Milk, won Best Film of the 2018 cohort. Before graduating, Kim got hired as an editor at a local video production company. She would spend the next four years at this company, growing from an editor to a production coordinator, and finally, an account manager. Kim has spent the last 3 years working full time on a marketing team, producing and directing commercials for a local credit union. 

Over the years, Kim has had a few opportunities to work on documentaries, some narrative shorts and features, and has directed a few music videos. With the majority of her work being in the commercial space, she enjoys breaking out into new genres and styles whenever she gets the chance. 

Having been the only woman in the room, or the only woman on set for the majority of her career - Kim is committed to encouraging and supporting underrepresented identities in film. Kim has noticed a significant difference in the atmosphere on set, as well as the overall outcome of a project when diversity is prioritized both in front of and behind the camera.

Outside of filmmaking, Kim enjoys roller skating, dancing, and volunteering with high school students. Kim is happily settled in Denver, and wants to help our local community of filmmakers thrive - and stop seeing her friends move out of state for better opportunities. Kim is proud to be a Colorado filmmaker!

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