On November 15, 2023 I hosted a special retreat designed for creatives, filmmakers, crew, writers, designers, artists... anyone in the advertising, production, film, and creative industries.
I created this because I've met so many people asking: if they are on the right career path, how they can make a living at what they love to do, how to navigate stress and take care of their mental health while doing work that is often inherently stressful, how to manage imposter syndrome, and simply how to live a more creative life.
We are so thankful for these INCREDIBLE speakers who've dedicated their time to share and lead discussions, including:
Norm Shearer, Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Cactus and Grit Digital Health — speaking on creativity and mental health. I can't possible share all of his accolades in one post, but Norm truly walks the walk. He leads one of the best ad agencies around, Cactus, and founded Grit Digital health, creating innovative digital products and tools for mental and behavioral health.
Jen Hohn, CCO, Articulation — speaking on her creative process and group creative collaboration. At the heart of everything she does, Jen is a driven changemaker and mentor. She's leads with empathy, is head of creative at a badass woman-owned agency, and is a frequent speaker around the country, including topics like neurodiversity and creativity.
Blake Jackson, Creative Director, Photographer, Emerging Filmmaker — speaking on his creative process. Blake is electric — when you are around him you can feel the creative spark! I'm particularly looking forward to hearing about his ability to defy labels and continuously evolve as a multidisciplinary creative.
Forrest Lotterhos, Sound Designer, Composer, Creative Enthusiast — speaking on his creative process, creative wellness, and exploring new creative worlds, including bilateral music. Forrest is an intentional and thoughtful storyteller and artist and among his many passions and priorities is centering stories and storytellers with divergent identities and experiences.
I'll be focusing on finding your career and life paths, sharing some of what I use as a framework to help people find their creative purpose, which intersects with how we find happiness in a creative life.
Thank you to everyone for joining!
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