Looking for diverse creators or looking for a job?
The Creative Ladder: Making creative careers more accessible to all
Free the Work: Global community and database of underrepresented creators
Array Crew: Database of underrepresented crew by Ava Duvernay
Brown Girls Doc Mafia: Community of BIPOC Women and Non-binary film professional
Kin Theory: Database of Indigenous creatives
Black in Film: Database of Black filmmakers
Rememory: The online platform for Black women and non-binary creatives
blkcreatives: Community and resources for Black creatives
MAIP: Multicultural advertising intern program from The 4As
One Club Here Are All The Black People: Conference and Resources for Black Creatives
The Gradient Group: Staffing platform
We Are Rosie: Freelancer staffing platform
The Boom List: Community of Creators of Color
Women Who Create: community and resources for Women of Color
People of Craft: Showcase of craft by People of Color
Adcolor: Championing People of Color in the creative industries
Marcus Graham Project: Programs, grants, and talent network
We Are Next: Open resources for advertising and marketing students and junior talent.
The JTC List: Database of Women of Color in the film industry
The Ghetto Film School: Nonprofit educating and training the next gen of storytellers
The 3% Movement: Conference and community changing the ratio of creative leaders
SheSays: Nonprofit organization and platform to end gender discrimination
Hire Black Female Creatives: Just hire them, here they are
Vets2Set Database of veterans ready to work on set
Convicts Creative studio hiring ex-convicts... "troublemakers for a better world"
RespectAbility Advocating for opportunities for people with disabilities including in entertainment and media

To assist with productivity, not replace creativity or originality:

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